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Submitted on
July 24, 2008


I didn't steal your money and run.

I've "blacked out" my DA account until I can post every single plush commission I have.
If you don't want it or just want a refund, I will refer you to my email address one last time:
Please state your plushie, your price, and your current address and I'll wire the money back.

Otherwise, I will continue to work between jobs.
It doesn't matter how far along in your plushie I am.  I'll return your money in full.

I flew the coop afraid that my lack of progress onset by some trying times was upsetting people who were tired of excuses.  I vowed not to return to DA until these things were handled.  Y'all have a right to complain, so I won't take down your comments.  It's just sucky for me, but I'm done trying to be the entrepreneur I'm not.  I'm just a college-girl who had a few years of time on her hands.

Don't expect to get commissions anymore.  That's okay.  I just want those who I've bothered to see some higher note here and get closure.
I don't expect your forgiveness. Or your trust.  Just your peace of mind?
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Kapturo May 23, 2010
I would have ordered two. And waited a few months...
Kansheera May 11, 2010
I -was- wondering about the elerunt too :)
YuiYamana Jun 8, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Damn some ppl just gotta mess everything up. I'm so sorry you're swamped with shit... and I'm sorry some people can be assholes. You're only ONE person it's not like you have a company! Anyway I hope you won't stop making plushies. My mom sews too and she's totally impressed by your work. I would have loved one of your plushes and I would have waited 10 years or even after you had grandchildren lol. Don't let impatient jerks ruin your creativity. Good luck in the college world. I know how it is
mariafox May 30, 2009
don't leave! please! I will not order a plush! just don't leave.
hythrain Apr 2, 2009   Writer
Awww... I find an awesome plushie maker here on DA that has done a LOT of Pokemon stuff, and it looks like you're not doing them anymore. :( That makes me sad.
Hey, I know this is a pretty late reply, haha, I've been away from DA for a pretty long time... but if you do still want to/find the time at some point to make my plushie, I definitely still want it.
But as a fellow college-girl, I completely understand not having time. School will always be more important than almost anything else, sadly.
I hope you've having a better time now. =)
Cool-Kakshi Sep 4, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You have really cute plushies!
chryzoa Sep 3, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, when you have the time, I would like to order aplushie from you....

And I dont care about the lead time, I just want the flareon and her could be the best of friends.

I hope you get it all under hand, and remember dont sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff...
i ordered those plushies so long ago. i forgot i ordered them until i came to your page today. i dont know what happened to you. but you know, you were able to come to me about it. and you never did get back to me about meeting up with you at the anime boston convention that came and went =P
"miss you i hope everything turns out ok" Couldn't have said it better.. though I may have included a few more words. Hope you're doing okay! :hug:
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