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the secret of your power by VesteNotus the secret of your power by VesteNotus
silversilence0 ([link]) posted something on the forums for a request, so I volunteered we do an art trade.

this is her OC, Ray. i drew [her] as an anthro skunk
unfortunately, i didn't know until after i finished that i drew ray as a boy instead of a girl... >___<

i'm awaiting a flying fish anthro in return!
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MDAnonymous Featured By Owner May 8, 2005
Interesting anthro... a skunk...:XD: :D Nice job! :D
KumiUtada Featured By Owner May 3, 2005
Nicely done.
silversilence0 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2005
wow that was fast, great job, I wasn't expecting a skunk lol but hey surprises are good. And you did a great job! Keep it up.! I see a few of my mistakes show up but that's okay, it happeneds (hey i did the mistakes too lol)
I'm really amazed at the coloring,a dn the fact that you tried to do your own thing.!
Taikosweb Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2005
Well hey me for once I appreciate an anthro that is not an excuse to show flesh with cute furry face. It does have a cute face too, and skunks are a bit unusual in the anthro department.
For the crit part: What did you use for inking? in full view it looks sort of shaky and has a little bit of shine-thru. Not so noticeable on the smaller view either.
A few anatomical things that bother me: the hand on the floor is done really well, but the one holding the sword looks sort of spidery in contrast, the fingers (specially in a gloved hand) need to be thicker, rounder. The crouching leg is very good, even the foot (which is hard to do at this angle). But the other leg (char's right) is not quite right - the thigh is too long, even allowing for the foreshortening on the other, and the calf bulges the wrong way (is should be S-shaped, bulging towards the back). The only way you could see the calf that way is if you were looking at it from behind, and that's why the leg looks as if it is at a strange angle. I think it should jut forward instead of so much sideways, which would give the posture a more natural feel. Cramped postures and twisting around can be a real pain in the butt, and that's something I struggle with a lot.
The coloring otherwise is really good, the facial expression is very cute, and the concept of the character is well rendered :)
Hope you don't mind the long-winded critique!
VesteNotus Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
haha, yeah this was an eyesore.
i admit it was a rush job, but it wasn't until you pointed the proportion inconsistancies that i was just like "OH GOD! it DOES suck"

i've gotta stop looking off other people's art... my gut instinct by now always gives me what i need
Taikosweb Featured By Owner May 2, 2005
Not an eyesore I would say! And the proportion problems were not all that noticeable. It's just that I am attuned to them because I make so many and I am working so hard to correct them. Actually the overall impression is cuteness ^-^
2bforgotten Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2005
lol they happen i guess :-P
2bforgotten Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2005
haha maybe she just wrapped her chest really tightly :)
VesteNotus Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2005
hahaha! yeah... i thought about just presenting and being like "here! a flat-chested anthro! it's so original!!"
but no... i embrace my f***-ups... i embrace them with open arms!

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April 29, 2005
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