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January 4, 2007
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PENTAX Corporation
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Jan 4, 2007, 12:53:08 PM
TP: Relaxing at Faron by VesteNotus TP: Relaxing at Faron by VesteNotus
I worked REALLY hard and pulled a few all-nighters to get this plushie done in time for my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of making plushies.

Exactly one year ago, I made my first plushie... a Beastboy plushie...
And I've been hooked on makin' plushies ever since.

This is my labor-child here: a life-size Link Wolf from Twilight Princess. When I finished Midna, I simply had to remake a Link Wolf... but this time make it BIG!

Link Wolf is 46'' (about 4 feet) long and stands at 26'' (about 2 feet) tall. His legs and tail are fully poseable with the help of suprer-reinforced wire.
He is also the first plushie I've done almost entirely in fake fur.
His nose, paw pads, and claws are made of black vinyl.
His shackle is make of silver "mirror finish" plastic (from a New Years Eve balloon!) hot glued and sewn onto vinyl.
His chain is made from reinforced copper wire (roughly 6 or 8 guage if I had to guess).
His earrings are the same copper wire with a blue fleece covering.
Finally, his eyes are made from super sculpy chip-resistant sculpting compound that was hand-painted in acylics and sealed with high gloss, clear nail polish.

The painting in the background is a touched up version of my oil painting of Faron Woods. More information about the Midna plushie can be found here: [link]

Total time of work: 1 week
Total sense of satisfation I have from this guy: 98%

Please enjoy him! As you can see, I worked very, VERY hard to make him look as realistic and accurate as possible. I'd like to dedicate him to my friends and fans on DA! You guys know how cool you are and your comments and encouragements keep me going when I'm running down! :heart:
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popqueen54321 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
SpunkyFreakster Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Awe man! You don't sell these on etsy or anything do you!?
Poke-ZeldaFan Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2010
Wow!!!!! This is so cool!!!!!
UraHameshi Featured By Owner May 2, 2009  Student Interface Designer
If you ever EVER in your life make more Wolf-Link plushie's to sell but more smaller TELL MEEEEEH XD I'll buy one for sure! :heart: 'Cause I've been wanting a Wolf-Link plushie for a long time now and can't even find someone to make him =( And awesome jobe I :heart: it :hug:
DeathNoteGuineaPig Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009
!!!!! wow this really caught my attention! :D >im a crazy stuffed animal collector< XD but i would love to give this to my best friend ive looked EVERYWHERE for a link wolf plushie even small ones and i couldnt find anything i was going to buy one for my friends birthday since shes in love with the link games, comic, etc. her name on here is Sakura power and i never was able to get her a present >my second option was to get a totoro backpack for her but it never came in >.< ) so i can bet she would be absolutly thrilled to have this! if you ever sell this one is it possible to make a mini one? i would be willing to buy it. (anything for my best friends i like to give and recieve presents) :) arigato please get back to me on this
Tyxon Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2008
it's under your plushies still for sale section so does that mean I can buy it if I want to?

Just asking I have been looking everywhere for something like this ^^
Random-Lawl Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2008
Awwwww I really wish I can make a plushie like that. I really love your talent so much! Keep up the good work ;P is it on sale??? I doubt it :(
Centermore Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2007
Wow! I absolutly LOVE it!
Its really good!
I espically love the little Midna! :)
shoelace-ninja Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2007
...Damn, that's some talent.

That's like....the epitome of a plethra of awesome! xD
dash-of-mystery Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2007   General Artist
Wow! I wish I could make a plushie! It looks very nice and professional!
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