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SailorNova, a fellow deviant and great artist, drew a kiss-doll a week or two ago.
now, I've always wanted to make one, but that she did only refreshed that desire.

I just got Flash MX and this is the first thing I've publicly put out via said program.
don't let anyone tell you otherwise: Kisekai dolls are a lot of fun to make and aren't that hard at all! Just annoying to make all thems clothings

so today's doll is Byt Wong-Xu Rochet Lapis XI... you can dress him up as a Samurai, or Token, or LINK, from Legend of Zelda!!!
and you can see my awkward t-shirt designs...

anyway, please enjoy and thank SailorNova!

also... i'm not saying this has a MATURE CONTENT, but you do see Byt's shiney hiney!!! ^__________^;;
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Garfieldbook Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2007
Mewfanatic Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2006  Hobbyist
:aww: Awsome I have got to find out how to make one of these!

:faq: Did you use a mouse when you did this or a tablet? :faq:
VesteNotus Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2006
I used a tablet. The doll base I drew in Photoshop (though that really didn't matter) and all the clothes I drew in Flash. I actually recommend that you draw everything in Flash. Each object (including the person) should get his or her or its own layer.
Mewfanatic Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2006  Hobbyist
Cool thanks; I'm used to working with layers due to Photoshop so that won't be a problem. Gonna have to try and work out a way I can do this with a mouse :plotting: do Flash programs have a pen tool? ^^; You can totally tell I'm clueless about Flash stuff!
American-poet Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006
Lovely! I love dress up/KISS dolls! This one is beautifully done. The pose is nice as are the clothing. I especaily like the big red shirt, it reminds me of the mexicans.

Make another one!

Ps. Theres NEVER too many dress up dolls!
jinx329 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2005
damn... thats what i call half ass pants!
MDAnonymous Featured By Owner May 6, 2005
Lol, that's great. :rofl: So entertaining.....great job. :D
TheBinker Featured By Owner May 3, 2005
WOOO!!!! My dream to dress Byt has come TRUUU!!!! Hehehehehe! But I agree wif MentaIdelusions that he is best naked XD nicely done! ^_^
VesteNotus Featured By Owner May 4, 2005
hahah! i know! shiney butts = more fun than clothed ones!
2bforgotten Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2005
awesome! the clothes are nicley rawn and everything fits. Could you pm me the action script code you used to drag and drop the items? mines fauly.
KumiUtada Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2005
^^ Nicely done.
MentaIdelusions Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2005   Writer
I like him best naked. xD with a boy in his hair
fractaldesign Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005
hey that is unfair, dress up games are OK... those clothes do look very nice, and the best is how they are all rung together, and the pose
VesteNotus Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005
*glomp* my hero!
i'm glad you like it!!!!
championchap Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005
its just that ive been on newgrounds for some time now... and much like everyone else on there i am sick to death of them
VesteNotus Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005
i've actually been on newgrounds for a little while longer and, honestly, untill I saw SailorNova's kiss doll, i hadn't seen one for 3 years

and trust me - i dabbled in fanart, fanfiction, and anime realms... you'd think i'd see more of them! haahaa

also, i think it's unfair to speak on behalf of everyone else at DA
keep it personal, hun.
it's a natural defense to drag others into an argument - safety in numbers afterall
championchap Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005

good artwork... but your cloathes are gripped by a weird point
there are a lot of different combinations, but do we really want another dress up game???

for one of your first things it is very good
just please stay away from doing any more dress up games in the future
VesteNotus Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005
umm... some people like dress up games and some don't

i don't know if i'll do another, but i know that it really doesn't matter
there will always be new games and yes, even old dress up games
that's why kisekai is so popular
i'm sorry you feel that there are too many out there
i've been working on flash movies and stuff, i just wanted a nice simple interactive thing to prelude some games i've got in the works

on the other hand, i am glad you like my artwork
thank you for your feedback
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